About the Green Tree


We are Zeleno drevo, a cheerful band of ambitious and playful boys, who, a bit like elves, jump here and there all over Slovenia during December, delivering Christmas trees: we hardly sleep 😊. We are guided by Matic, the driving force behind Zeleno drevo, a man with the ability to be in three different places at once 😊.

When the New Year holidays are over, we have often wondered why all these “worn-out” trees suddenly appear, these trees that gave us so many useful things, now thrown away. Even worse, some are actually made of plastic and have travelled many kilometres – they may even have been made by someone who has not been fairly paid…!

Following examples set by other nations, in 2013 we decided to offer the same service of renting out live Christmas trees in pots to all of Slovenia. We believe in tree conservation, a concept many European cities have adopted for quite some time. Each year, we are proud to have the honour to help your households, companies, municipalities and institutions throughout Slovenia go “green” for one month with our trees.

Together with our partners, we grow more than 20,000 Christmas trees on dedicated plantations, taking care of them throughout the year 😊 Our partners have more than 30 years’ experience in the field of self-cultivation, and have been awarded special certificates for the cultivation of ornamental trees.

All trees are pruned at least twice a year and fed with organic fertilizers (vitamins). This means they develop naturally, giving you a wide range of tree shapes and sizes to choose from: small and cute; evoking harmony; athletic; dense and bushy; erratic and playful; artistic; round and cheerful: all ready for our annual “photoshoot” to help you make the right choice. We photograph the current selections in September, and at the beginning of October we publish those photos on our website, showing you more than 1,500 trees, so you can select the perfect one for your home.

(In the photo is Darko, Mario and Mario’s father, having an expert’s conversation)


All trees are grown in a natural way, without any chemical agents or additives.

Our costumers mostly like Silver Spruce, Caucasian Fir and Norway Spruce. However, you do need to bear in mind that this is a living tree and not a plastic one.

For you to have a more realistic idea of what your tree guest will look like, we photograph all the trees at least three times, so that you can see the trees well in advance to aid your selection, and then we will deliver that tree directly to you.

You don’t have to worry about doing any work with the tree, all they need are a few kind words, your attention, and of course, some water.

Take a deep breath in and enjoy the natural scent of your living guest to get that special holiday feeling!