About Us

Well, if we were film-inspired, we would say, “From the authors of the bestseller Green Boxes!” Many times in the time after the end of the New Year holidays, we wondered why all these “obsolete” trees, which give us so many useful things, have to go to waste…

And then it started… 7 years ago, when we came up with the idea of ​​renting live Christmas trees in pots at the Green Box, following the example of our colleagues from abroad. With the idea we went to the nurseries from Pristranka near Postojna, Štivanov and the word gave the word. We also invited nurseries from neighboring Croatia to participate, who grow and nurture Green Trees especially for us. We are glad that we have borrowed and preserved more than 1000 trees over the years and that people like the concept of the Green Tree. The trees are cared for by Matic, an ex-boxer who is no stranger to tree activities. Matic, when he is not a tree grower, is very happy to mix the best organic smoothies in town. If you are interested in more, visit www.ekosmuti.si. If you want to find out more about the boxes, go to www.zeleni-zabojcek.si (if you order fine boxes full of tasty and organically grown food along the way, we will be happy to do so).