Caring for the Tree

To make your tree’s stay in your home as pleasant as possible for all, we recommend the following:

  1. You should water your tree with about 4dcl of water for 2 days, (depending on the height and bushiness of the tree);
  2. You should place the tree at least 2m away from any direct heat source such as a fireplace, radiators, convection heaters, etc.
  3. The trees do not like:
    – direct warm air;
    – underfloor heating (If you have this, just keep the tree off the floor);
    – cutting the tops (in doing this, you can stop further growth).
  4. The trees do like:
    – a light misting with water;

– a gradual introduction to a warm room;
– a kind word, a friendly smile, and a gentle touch: these are especially pleasing to them🙂

You will receive more detailed instructions for managing the maintenance of your tree upon delivery.

Statistics show that the tree will survive the holidays, especially if you follow the instructions. When they return to us from your warm home, we will slowly accustom them to lower, dormant temperatures, then return them to nature at the appropriate time.

Trees do not like an immediate transition from a very cold to a warm place. This can cause a “temperature shock”, and the tree will drop the needles. We recommend a gradual introduction to your warm room by first placing the tree in a basement or garage for a few days, then to your hallway, and finally to the warm place where the tree will stand throughout the holidays. We then recommend you do the same but in reverse order after the holidays when removing the tree.